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As the founder of Kesby Investigations Group, Jeremy Kesby has been a licensed private investigator for over 13 years.

Kesby Investigations Group cares about its clients. No matter what your situation, whether you require:

we can help you.

About Jeremy


Jeremy is highly sought after as a conference speaker and trainer. His left-of-field area of expertise in deception detection also draws great interest whenever and wherever he speaks.

Consider booking Jeremy for your next seminar or in-house training for managers, frontline and other staff.

Jeremy is certified in ETaC (Evaluating Truthfulness & Credibility) & ESaC (Emotional Stability & Control) and holds competency in eMETT 3.0 & eSETT 3.0 Microexpression detection at expert level.

He is also a DISC ADVANCED (psychometric evaluation) Accredited Consultant and Facilitator.

DISC ADVANCED is the world’s most advanced behavioural assessment system, and is a psychometric tool used to identify the main behavioural styles of humans.



Private: Deception Detection What is ‘Deception Detection’?   It is essentially the ability to see through lies or deceit through an understanding of verbal and non-verbal indicators, amongst other things. Deception Detection gives you the advantage, potentially saving you from financial and personal loss. Using Deception Detection for hiring staff It is estimated the average cost to recruit an executive level candidate is around $5000. Hiring the wrong candidate can be costly, time… Read more...
Private Investigations Kesby Investigations Group, as licensed professionals, are highly experienced in all areas of private investigations. From individual clients who are seeking resolution of relationship issues, child custody disputes or concerns, and missing person cases, through to businesses requiring background checks, locating debtors or investigating suspected theft in the workplace, we develop the best strategy and plan for that specific problem. We are whole-heartedly dedicated to getting answers, so you can… Read more...
Corporate Investigations Kesby Investigation Group prides itself on taking personal care of its clients. Our service is professional and discrete, and we offer experience along with value for money. Corporate Investigations In the corporate world there are many areas of risk and danger when it comes to interpersonal or corporate behaviour.  From bullying complaints to WorkCover or sick leave fraud, theft in the workplace,  police checks or insurance fraud, Business owners and… Read more...